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Life is certainly interesting that’s for sure. It’s summertime in full swing right now and my life is great. I’m happy, I’m super happy actually I think there’s a level above happy right? Ecstatic, perhaps?
Andrew and I are doing amazing, I love him so much and my love for him grows every day. It’s like he’s the stars to my sky, the sun to my clouds… he is what brightens my day. I know you’re not supposed to leave your happiness dependent upon others but I am happier with him in my life than rolling solo. We’re both happy :-)
We’ve been having lots of fun this summer, floating the river and hanging out with family and friends. I haven’t updated this for about a month because I don’t have my computers moved yet they are still at moms. We are going to move in October and hopefully get a house. I will keep you updated just wanted to type a few quick words

9 June 2014


Hahaha that dudes face cracked me up. I’m feeling a bit better since being able to sleep basically all Saturday. My allergies are giving me a fit though, trouble breathing, nose running, itchy watery eyes you know the deal.
Dickhead is gone for now, a whole week to myself I’m not sure I will know what to do! Silence is bliss, truly. It’s been nice having a weekend without him there, snooping, prying and lying all the time. We also discovered more dirty laundry while we were investigating his room. Apparently he had been smoking in THE HOUSE. Hiding is disgusting ass cigarette butts in his bedroom. I would love to quarantine that room by the way.
Andrew was up all night Saturday morning with him, he had to pull a ten hour shift getting off at 2am only to deal with Gary’s shit about going to rehab. Andrew had to stay up with him to keep him from leaving again as he had done with me. Poor baby didn’t get in the bed till 6am! Then the noisy bitch upstairs starts stomping around, needless to say we didn’t get much sleep.
We went out to a nice breakfast at Denny’s before Andrew left for work that morning. He ordered a T-bone steak with eggs and chipped his tooth on the bone in the steak. I told him that’s what you get for ordering a steak from Denny’s, it was gross looking.
I managed to get zilch housework done this weekend, I needed to wash clothes and put away clean ones but that didn’t happen. The bedroom is a disaster as is the remainder of the apartment. I know we have much going on right now so unfortunately some of these life issues are going to take a backseat while we get Gary removed.
Stealing from me is never an acceptable scenario and I’m extremely upset that he felt comfortable going in our bedroom and just taking my property. We are ditching him like a bad habit, good riddance.
I’m excited to see what will happen for us in the future, it seems like things are looking up now that Spring is blooming!!

14 April 2014


Oh lord, my stress levels are maxing out. I’ve down had at least three mental meltdowns this WEEK alone. I’m not sure what will give out first, my heart, fists, or nervous system. I’m completely drained as I’m typing this trying to wake up before a training session.
If I wasn’t totally drained then work would be a welcoming escape. I’m so tired of stupid fuckface. I thought I had rid myself of him and was celebrating with smokes, coffee drinks, and fried chicken. Only to get home after my celebrations and to watch him waltz out of his bedroom. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! I dropped you off, you’re gone, your not here right now.
I’ve been dealing the best I can but I know I have limitations. I’m going to moms for a while until this shit storm settles. I’m not risking my career over something so trivial as an alcoholic uncle. I wish people had a rap sheet of the shit that they have going on with their life before I make such hasty choices. I don’t know, I’ve got 4.18.2014 off which is a Friday, it’s also the last probation officer meeting I have to attend.. I can’t wait to shove that paper in her face. DONE BITCH So glad I never have to set foot in that disgusting diseased filled ditch in the ghetto ever again. I hated that place with a passion and now that my 30 hours are complete I never have to see it again! I got to get back to work and stuff… just needed to vent.

11 April 2014 fap vent trent rent pent hent


What a gorgeous picture of this bear. I would give you the details of my St.Patricks weekend but in all reality it sucked hard cock and I’d rather not talk about it because it’s just gonna piss me off.
These fucking panties are riding up my crotch. I’m ready to be free so I can frolic in this beautiful weather. I do enjoy spring, it is so revitalizing. I’m trying to talk about basically anything other than what’s bothering me right now. That’s what I do, dodge my issues and bottle them up until I blow a fucking gasket. It’s stress all over the place and I don’t know what to do. What would you do?

1 April 2014 free lies freedomlies cries plies spies eyes

Going to Pound Town on the Fuck Truck

It’s almost St.Patrick’s day weekend, well it’s kind of actually the start of the weekend technically. I wish I would have finished my last two days of community service last weekend, alas I did not. I hope the let us out early but I don’t really have my hopes up for that.
I wrecked Carl coming home from work one day when a bad snow incident occurred. It cost $500 to get him fixed, $200 of this was borrowed from my parents. It’s been a headache with finances to say the least but I’m working on it. I also have a mattress in my name that I bought for me and Andrew since the mattress he had when I first got there was horrific. It is now in Gary’s room (LOL)
I’m still working on paying off my debts owed and getting my savings built up so that we may move to a nicer apartment. Andrew told me his goal for us to move is $3000 (I was like holy shit where are moving? Jamaica?) I would definitely like to get some new furniture for the apartment as well as a headboard because we only have a mattress and box spring right now.
I hope this St. Patrick’s weekend is better than the last, I guess it may even out since I’ll be spending majority of my weekend doing shit community service I guess that’s better than a one night stand and dropping your phone in the toilet and having a horrendous hangover for two days..
I guess we will see what happens as usual..

14 March 2014 pound town fuck truck luck

Awesome Adventures Await… Maybe

I realized I forgot to detail how my first plane ride and trip to MT went. I would say to sum it up wholly it went fairly decent considering travel methods of this time and age. I was not to fond of being suspended in a metal tube 30,000 feet above the Earth however.
I was also not pleased about getting frisked and violated by search agents due to loosing my license in the first airport in the series of many that i would be forced to navigate.
This meant that I could not drink any thing while i was in the middle of nowhere, which is really what it was. I was astounded at the level of naturalness that was in this part of the states. Everything closed at 8-9pm except for your standard pizza chain deliveries. It was also super cold, much to cold for the sub tropical Haley to be comfortable in seeking out any activities.
I stayed in my room most of the time, watching TV show marathons and stuffing my face with pizza and IHOP. I was so excited when it was time to go home, no more freezing temperatures, no more REAL nothing to do, no more strangers. I was going home or at least that is what I thought I was doing.
It was the first plane departing from Montana that had mechanical issues, therefore the flight was cancelled, This extended my trip a whole 24+ hours. I was placed in some shabby hotel by the airport, given a couple vouchers for some meals around town, and after 2 hours of arguing and getting impatient with the airline booking staff, I had a solid flight itinerary that would hopefully place me right back home.
I did eventually get home, after a much exhausting three connecting flights, one of those being a prop plane. I didn’t like flying and it gave me anxiety, those trips are for the birds needless to say.
Anyways, now I’m back in my cushy office and back in town so I’m happy. It’s starting to finally warm up here thank heavens. I haven’t had much energy lately and I guess it’s due to the seasons changing, taking a drain on ones resources. What will the future hold? I’m sure we will find out…

11 March 2014 future meow popular kids wat winning wow

I had this phase where I decided that I wasn’t going to post here anymore, but I miss it. I do miss blogging about myself because I am a selfish person, like most. I’m going to say that even though it may appear that I do not have much occurring in my life right now, I feel busier than ever.
I usually work 10-12 hour days, getting up at 5:45-6:00am every day to prepare for my morning commute. This is what I wanted though, this is what I worked three years obtaining a piece of paper so that I could do this very routine right here.
I was trying to return to Western temporarily to take a class I thought was for my PMP certification. It turns out it was only a preparatory class and the test itself costs more to take than the class!
I’ve had a lot of issues with court costs, I’ve also been tied up doing stupid community service. (Court ordered) It was either that or jail.
It really sucks, I hate hobo bathrooms and hobo everything. It’s almost become an inside joke if you will about it between Andrew & myself…
Which would bring me to Andrew next… I had not intended for this road to be travelled although I had tossed it around in my head years before as our mind wanders about those whom have crossed our paths years past… I never did though assume that this would be such a pivoting position in my life time…
I met Andrew 12 years ago actually, when I was only ten years old. We both attended the same karate school although he was 4 years older than I was.
Years flew by and I never much thought about him until one day when I decided to find him on Facebook as he had crossed my mind. I assumed he would have been married or settled down.. I was right, at the time he was with someone and I was with Matt
Somehow though our prior relations fall apart (as they tend to do in my world) I was astonished that he texted me on night wanting to go out… It was definitely an impressionable encounter to say the least. I’ve been trying very hard to have a shred of dignity and moral when approaching this relationship but it’s hard to tell yourself to slow down when it feels like you’ve just leaped off the empire state building.
I was scheduled to move to Blacksburg though, I had already paid the deposit on my apartment and that would make our relationship very difficult. We were going to try it out anyways, things were still fresh in the relationship so perhaps it would make us stronger to take it slow.. However as the week came to a close Andrew informed me he did not want me to move away. I told him this was a very close time to be making this decision. It was then me who had a decision to make, I had told myself that after my horrendous experiences prior I was not going to move out until I was for certain there was a possibility of this being something more than just a fling.
It was still much to soon to determine anything like that, but I went ahead and made the decision to stay in my hometown and to move in with Andrew. When I made that decision though I also made the decision to live with his Uncle Gary who also shares the two bedroom apartment. I did not know this was going to be so nerve racking. It’s been stressful to say the least but we have a lot of personal issues going on so it’s difficult for us to move right now.
I’ve got court costs and car repair bills that have drained me for now, I’m trying to get everything lowered on my bills but my car is definitely taking a toll on me. It’s a nice car but I do pay for it. I love my job things are going great in my career so far I would suppose. It does keep me busy that is for sure. I’ve attached a few photos I know its nothing much but better than nothing, eh? I might keep updating this when I have the time, things are going to be crazy for a little bit.

10 March 2014 crazy life goals love plans

Thanksgiving with the family. I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents and I’ve tried to do as much shopping as possible online. I’ll go ahead and break down who’s getting what..

  1. Amy - Christmas ornament
  2. Jackson - PJ bottoms, Bracelet making kit & body wash kit (angry birds)
  3. Josh - Call of Duty Ghosts, PJ bottoms & body wash kit (starwars)
  4. Andrew - PJ bottoms, Call of Duty Ghosts & Body wash kit
  5. Jordan - Coffee cup, PJ bottoms and body wash set
  6. MOM - Cutting board
  7. Jamey - Beer mug and PJ bottoms
  8. I’m excited for Christmas even though I have a lot of bills coming up. I’ve scheduled a massage and pedicure for myself on Dec 7th because I need a day of stress relief. I’m also saving a lot to get through all this insanity with these bills!
    1. Lawyer $300
    2. Rent $550 (Due on Jan 1st so I have the make sure I had it saved up in Dec)
    3. however much electricity is
    Not fun, I’m going to be super budgeting but I feel I can do it. I probably won’t blog much till I’m settled in. I’m also going to Montana on Tuesday, I’ve never rode in a plane before so this will be a new experience for me. I’ll keep you updated on how things go with my trip out. Hopefully all goes well I will be returning late thursday eve!

28 November 2013

I apparently am incapable at succeeding for life to long, we wouldn’t actually want anything to be relatively simple would we?Of course not that is no fun, let’s throw twelve wrenches into the mix! If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball right?
Thank GOD for sour diesel by the way, it is the best strain ever I absolutely love it. I will start off by saying that my trip (where the pictures are from above) went exceedingly well, by far much better than the first trip. We went to Maryland to which I had never traveled. I found out it is much colder up north than down south (obviously). It was fun, peaceful, nothing really to exciting happened other than the IT guy for the installing company farted right in front of everyone! I was like wtf? LOL
We ate at a fancy real pizzeria, the pizza was delicious and for dessert I got Tiramisu which I had never ate before it was delicious as well. We stayed in a hotel that was not as nice as the first one, I was kind of disappointed with it’s offerings or lack of.
Let’s get to the juice of this post though by explaining why my cobalt is in pieces and all fucked up. It wasn’t a bad enough week when last Monday I was wrongfully charged with speeding (90 in a 60 wtf) and following to closely… If I was really doing 90 the officer wouldn’t of caught up with me in a second. Plus when the person in front of you who is speeding see’s a cop they are going to slow down REAL fast, especially on an interstate you come up on people real quick if they suddenly slow down.
I felt this was super unfair as I was on my way to the dentist’s office for a simple cleaning when this occurred. I then was of course late for my dang dentist appointment, had to reschedule luckily only till 2:45 instead of 12:15. I ended up with approval from my supervisor just taking the rest of the day off, he understood the stresses I was having with this horrific Monday.
Then this past Thursday I was on my way home from work and I was running a little low on the gasoline, I decided to stop at a fuel center and get my gas. This was a very busy place to purchase fuel because of the competitive pricing they have, being at five o’clock it was especially chaotic. I decided to fight the crowd and took my place finally in a fuel line. I noticed a larger truck to my right but didn’t think much of it, suddenly I notice his brake lights flash, oh my he’s backing up! Our cars we’re perpendicular to one another so the more he keeps backing up the more nervous I get. I press the horn to let him know I’m back here but he doesn’t seem concerned, he keeps on backing up till CRUNCH! Only then does he realize the errors of his ignorant driving. I rolled down my window and begin to curse him, “I’m sorry!” Was the only words he could phrase. I go into my car to get pen and paper to get his insurance information, I turn around and he’s done sped off. Fuel line empty he had forsaken his place, I was left with dents and scratches on the side of my “new” car. I was PISSED. I called my insurance because I managed the collect his tag number. Filed a police report and hopefully something fruits from this frivolous failure.
Friday is finally here and I am thankful to see the end of a frustrating week, apparently everyone else had also had similar unspoken woes. Speeding faster than usual I tried focusing on my driving to ensure I was safe as possible. I notice while I’m on highway 460 east going towards Salem that a white four door vehicle is trying to merge over into the other lane (or maybe they even drifted into the other lane for another reason?) Either way they were coming over! I tried to gently guide my cobalt to the shoulder of the highway, however I wasn’t steady enough my car loosing control does a 360 and I land headfirst into a guard rail.
Airbag deploys smacking the bridge of my nose, the impact was hard, fast, and unforgiving. I am stunned, I can not believe this is actually happening to me. A man has stopped and pulled off to come check as I have a frightened look upon my face people gaze into my eye’s as they heartlessly drive by. Luckily a young couple from the college stops and stays with me until the police arrive and collaborate my story. I was not charged because I had credible witnesses. It wasn’t cold it was nice out, until it began to rain. What a disgusting day, I was so disappointed.
I am not sure what will happen with all these new downfalls, there is one upheaval though. Yesterday I went to look at an apartment in blacksburg, they wanted $550/mo so I figure something must be wrong with it for it to be such a low price.
I get to the apartment and step inside, to my surprise it is perfect, the tenant who lives there now is doing well at keeping the place livable, with the heat, water & trash included I’m excited to begin my solo life in the big city.
However with Christmas rapidly approaching I’m not sure if this is the right time to be doing anything like this. I need to get $550 deposit, then in January I have to pay $550 rent. I have to pay $300 lawyer fees for that stupid $90 mph thing. Add on another $500 for deductible from insurance and I’m like what the fuck. I don’t know I’ll keep you updated I’m budgeting like a bitch right now. I can’t believe a year ago today I was blogging about how miserable I was in Salem, look at me… I did it. Way to fucking GO HALEY. YOU DID IT. You snagged your office job, (got a new car albeit it wasn’t a Jeep) Lastly being independent. You’ve completed so much in just a short year, you are def going places lady. I can’t wait to see what other goals and dreams we have for upcoming new year woo!

25 November 2013