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Lately nothing interesting has really occurred. I just fear of my weight for the first time in my life. The image above is of local cupcakes baked in a popular bakery shop in roanoke. The problem with this is they are insanely delish, but its almost $11 for four cupcakes… I get four cupcakes 3x a week see the issue? Nadine came up to me yesterday while I was at the lancome counter. She whispers to me I’ve been approved for full time at clinique. I’m ecstatic erin will probably be pissed can’t wait to see her face! I’m also taking a full load at Virginia western, one more semester & I can graduate. Clinique gave me my starter kit to be a clinique consultant. It included a training book, an article from a 1967 vogue about good skin & my 3 step system. My three step (im a 4) consist of my facial soap for oily skin, clarifying lotion in 4, and the dramatically different moisturizing gel. I can’t wait to see how things progress. Tim is more adamant on having another baby, I can’t right now he’s enough of a child on his own.

11 January 2012 bubblecake full time job full time classes